sunset in zagreb

Sunset from the special viewpoint in Zagreb also looks magnificent, right?

landscape layers

Sidelight (close to a sunset) can play miracles with a hilly landscape.Bočné svetlo (obzvlášť teda tesne pred západom slnka) dokáže v kopečkoch robiť zázrazky. Or would you prefer black and white version? I was amazed, how many details are hidden in a hazy distance and are able to show up from the RAW file. Have a look on the third from the top level and compare versus the previous version…PS: Happy new year!! 😉Alebo sa vám viacej páči táto ČB verzia? Musím priznať, že som bol očarený, keď som zistil koľko detailov sa nachádza v tom vzdialenom opare a boli schopné “vyliezť” z RAW súboru. Obzvlášť si všimnite tú tretiu vrstvu zhora a porovnajte s verziou vyššie…PS: A ozaj, Šťastný nový rok!

Red beauty

This picture follows my previous post. Extremely simple composition and well… easy lightning set up with one light source only. Picture taken in the middle of our kitchen, hmmmm, excuse me, I mean our studio. And believe or not, is still has something to do with Pringles! So here’s the set up itself, or so called “behind the scenes” picture, where you can see, that for the lightning I have utilized my new softbox, made of… well, Pringles tin! You can find the step by step guideline how to build your own here.   And one more red beauty composition made during the same session… Quite intriguing, don’t you think? 😉

Foggy, foggy, foggy

It was almost scary to watch today afternoon fog surrounding us. It literally came within a minutes! And also created a magic hat above one of the nearby mountain. Obviously, perfect timing, sunset and golden light helped a lot… And BTW, here’s a shot of the fog itself, approaching us in the middle of the tiny countryside road. Those tree and house shapes had disappeared literally in within a 10 minutes! I have to admit it was an experience I never had before. Kudos to all landscape photographers… © 2013 monika and patrik banas

sunny forest

Indian summer in its best! End of October and over 20°C! So great and so unexpected! And so peaceful in the forest we have found just by a chance…

lonely, but very determined surfer

During my Brittany trip I was shooting this monumental arch with the unique view at the Atlantic ocean, when proverbial “photographer’s luck” struck and sent me right to my composition this lonely, slowly walking surfer with his fluorescent board. This is what I call adding a perspective and human object into the frame!

foggy day

It is just a mid of September, but it is already so foggy depressing… I am definitely a summer type!

stolen clown

Well, they say, that your pictures are good, when people will start to steal them…Apparently my Prague’s clown picture (see this blog entry) has to be a good one, as I have found it on a strange website. Without any credit (obviously). But what is even worse – with a horrible and tasteless alteration. Look and decide on your own! This terrible clowns are located here.I know, even worse things can happen with your work, but anyway. PS: I have contacted already the website owner and requested to remove the picture. So let’s see… PPS: Update; two days later…Website owner reacted very quickly, apologizing for unintentional usage (apparently she got a picture from somebody else) and “double  clown” is now gone.

windy (delicate dandelion)

We had so much fun with Monika last Sunday, when she came with this idea. She briefed me: “I want to take a picture of dandelion seeds in the air on the black background”. And I had to come up with a solution. Fortunately my flash came handy and with an easy set up. Using flash I was able to create a pitch black background in the middle of our living room – WITHOUT any black background itself! Key is to underexpose your picture 3 or 4 steps and then just manually set you flash power based on the given aperture. In our case aperture was f/11 and Nikon SB-900 calculate to set flash distance about 50cm. Shutter speed to underexpose the picture was calculated at 1/160 sec @ ISO 100.Strong direct blow to dandelion and firing the camera at the same time – and voilá! Shot is the straight output from the camera. Pretty cool, huh?Couple of “behind the shots”, just to confirm there is no black background, really.       


I was visiting office building last Thursday and when I get off from its pretty unique stairs I have looked up and was amazed! Pretty nice, huh? I think I will get back to this place to take few more pictures…