Malmo, early morning

My first trip ever to Sweden. To Malmo. This city always reminds me the end of the Jule’s Verne and the end of his book 20000 leagues under the sea. For a long time I thought it is the same place as Maelstrom! Maelstrom!, which are actually the last words Captain Nemo is shouting at his submarine Nautilus, before disappearing and sinking…Anyway, trip was a short one and again, only with a compact point and shoot!But I managed to get one early morning for myself and it has been proven again, that my little Leica with a combination of a great light can do miracles! Look at this one “snapshot”, which has been enhanced just a slightly.More to come! Stay tuned…

Kiev in all colors (and only with a compact camera!)

Kiev, I do apologize. For my prejudice going there to expect a “little Moscow”. Kiev, you are nothing like Moscow, you are much better! Full of colors, green areas, less rush, less traffic and a much more smiles.It is funny to realize, that I have travel all around the world, but I haven’t visited country which is neighboring my home country. And I also did an experiment. As Monika needed my the most favorite travelling lenses for her sessions, I’ve decided to travel only with my compact Leica D-LUX4. And it was a fantastic experience! Leica allowed me to shoot in RAW, to shoot in a manual mode, but the most important fact was, that I had no choice of lenses. So I have to milk the situation with what I had. Obviously, that means, I was more in a “street photography” mood, which was a good decision when you get to places like Saturday’s flea market or one of the thousands churches in Kiev. Enjoy! Yes! This is a “ticket” to Kiev’s metro! ūüôā Garage sales as I know from US are nothing compare this. You can buy here things you wouldn’t believe!

Best of the Prague’s workshop

I was so thrilled, when one of my Prague’s workshopper – Monika – shared with me her pictures taken during a workshop! You have to admit – it is hard to believe that all pictures were taken just during a one day! Thanks Monika! It was a joy to have you in the group! Full album can be found here. Ani si neviete predstaviŇ•, ako som sa poteŇ°il, keńŹ mi jedna z √ļńćastn√≠ńćok m√ījho praŇĺsk√©ho z√°Ňĺitkov√©ho workshopu zaslala svoj v√Ĺber! Je naozaj Ň•aŇĺk√© uveriŇ•, Ňĺe takto r√īznorod√© fotografie boli nafoten√© v priebehu jedn√©ho dŇąa! D√≠ky Monika, som naozaj r√°d, Ňĺe sme str√°vili tak√Ĺ skvel√Ĺ deŇą! Viac Monikin√Ĺch fotografi√≠ n√°jdete tu. ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√° ¬© Monika Kocourkov√°