lines 2 (brittany uncovered)

Mystery lines mentioned in my previous [teaser] post were taken during my trip to Brittany (Bretagne), where in the port I was fascinated by all masts lighted by the golden evening light against thick grey clouds. And as always when possible, I was “working my subject”, trying what the long shutter could make with such opportunity. It turned out it could make very interesting abstract, don’t you say? 😉 More sailing pictures soon!

lines [small teaser again]

I am retrieving my recent folder and I couldn’t resist to ask: What is it? Answer will be here soon!

bretagne… is coming!

I had recently a fantastic trip to Bretagne, France. Expect more ocean view pictures soon!

foggy day

It is just a mid of September, but it is already so foggy depressing… I am definitely a summer type!

malmo: at the pier

Third and last post from my Malmo trip. Still only with point and shoot camera 😉 At the end of the my morning roaming I have found such a photogenic pier! Monika’s envy it! It was probably 100m long and a combination of the elements of the design (in this case line and color) were so irresistible… Enjoy! Classic example – if you don’t know how to add a human element, throw yourself into an image. Self timer will be your great helper! 🙂

Malmo: blue “thingy” and turning torso

Those strange big blue metal things were next to the sea. They looked like some huge old boat spare parts – perhaps an anchor holders? Not really an expert… But they were so attractive, that is for sure! And below also few shots from Malmo’s iconic “Turning torso” tower…PS: BTW, did I mentioned all of those picture has been taken by point and shoot pocket size camera? Yup! Leica DLUX4 rocks! Something like the Eiffel tower for Paris, or probably Dancing house for Prague? Highly visible, eye-catching and cool Turning Torso Tower. The highest building in all Nordic countries. But don’t get fooled by the name, tower is NOT rotating! I’ve been there and checked! 😉