fill the frame… see the face

I’m still getting back to pictures from a great session with Russian model Elena. Some of them I’ve already shared, but can’t resist to keep few others just for myself. Taking into a consideration that Elena was in US just for a few weeks and was a bit shy during her first model session in States, I was glad to see, that later on during a day, she “warmed up” and was acting more and more naturally. Here I have to note, that my few very basic Russian sentences and a cup of green tea helped a lot with warming ­čÖé Enjoy! (Yes, cup of green tea too ­čÖé Patrik

singapore’s colorful flyer

Even this picture has been shot two years ago, it’s still one of my the most favorite.  For a several reasons. First of all, I felt in love with Singapore. If there would be an offer coming tomorrow to move there, I would be packing my whole family following day ­čśëSecondly, this picture is a prove, that with a patience and determination, you can get what you want. And the last, but not least – a bit of luck always helps. In my case it was a navy brass band coming right  into my exposure with all their shiny trumpets, tubas, trombones… OK, I owe you a bit of explanation… Follow me here. So, I’m first time in Singapore, totally fascinated. Concierge recommends me as the must see Singapore Flyer (kinda London’s Eye). It is actually located right in the middle of Singapore’s F1 circle. OK. Looks nice, view from the top is fantastic, but picture of the Eye is still pretty poor, flat, dull. So, right after my fellow Italian (he looks like Russian ­čśë arrived we’ve got back and I’m determined to wait for the ideal light. Meanwhile – to our surprise – thousands of people are marching on the F1 circle (as we found out, it was a preparation for a Singapore’s National day parade). So couple of cool shots there, right in the middle of them.                           And then, my patience with sun going down started to get paid off. Beautiful colors of the sky, clouds and slightly implied motion of the Flyer – I knew I’ve nailed it ­čśë But only then my monthly portion of the photography luck arrived. Right at the beginning of my 13 seconds exposure (motion of the slow moving Flyer wasn’t still […]

the perfect picture school of photography in CZ and SK

Big announcement! My big photography role model, teacher and friend Bryan Peterson offered me and Monika an opportunity to join expansion of his “baby” – The Perfect Picture School of Photography – outside English speaking part of the world. And I’m thrilled to share, that Czech and Slovak version of PPSOP will be starting this fall, where Bryan and I will be helping you to get The Perfect Picture! Meanwhile, please be our guests and visit, where you can watch Brayn’s welcoming video and sign up for updates. Stay tuned…BTW – you can like us on too. Ve─żk├í novinka! M├┤j fotografick├Ż vzor, u─Źite─ż a priate─ż Bryan Peterson pon├║kol mne a Monike mo┼żnos┼ą spolupodie─ża┼ą sa na roz┼íirovan├ş jeho ┼ákoly Perfektnej Fotografie mimo anglicky hovoriace krajiny. The Perfect Picture School of Photography (PPSOP) je celosvetov├í jedni─Źka v online fotografickom vzdel├ívan├ş a s rados┼ąou v├ím oznamujeme, ┼że od jesene ┼ítartujeme spolu s Bryanom kurzy v ─Źe┼ítine pre ─îesk├║ a Slovensk├║ republiku. Zatia─ż v├ís radi priv├ştame na na┼íej str├ínke, kde sa m├┤┼żte dozvedie┼ą viac o ┼íkole, pozrie┼ą si Bryanove uv├ştacie video a prihl├ísi┼ą sa k odberu noviniek. Osta┼łte naladen├ş…A nezabudnite si n├ís tie┼ż “ob─ż├║bi┼ą” aj na …

workshopping – and for a great reason

My dear Monika came with a great idea. To offer a quick 4 hours workshop for a beginners who still dare to switch from a full automatic to a manual mode on their DSLRs. But the best part of this great idea was, that “fee” will be donated to somebody who needs it – little Danik would benefit out of it. It took her only a few hours to fulfill 7 offered spots and during our stay in Prague we met on Saturday early morning with great and enthusiastic photographers. Not even a heavy rain stopped this short but intensive event to happen ­čśë And after a quick update on balance of  “the photography triangle” we were freezing action, implying motion, panning, zooming – and jumping (for a group photo). And just a short gallery of our trials taken during a workshop.PS: Big thanks to all participants for their passion, and for supporting Danik. At the end we’ve collected 3.000 CZK.