xmas (and lights) are all around us

How about yourself? Do you feel Xmas coming? Yeeah, Xmas are really all around us. Few days ago I’ve stopped by in one of the shopping mall and a simple escalator ride quickly made me pulling out my camera and tripod. Decorated glass side of the escalator has been decorated with a myriad of small Christmas lights (see at the very bottom). And with a 2 or 3 second long exposure I’ve got a fantastic time machine ride into a shopping paradise! So next almost an hour I’ve spent riding up and down all three floors and waiting for a bit more colorful jackets. You wouldn’t believe, but 98% of people wear black or very dark coats, jackets and jumpers! C’mon!! Live life in colors! 😉 I love playing with a shutter speed!


A small tribute to my favorite comedian. I have grown up with his silent movies… It was always a treat to enjoy weekend’s afternoon with him. Do you guys, who grown up in CZ and SK remember “Komik a jeho svet“? It is Charlie Chaplin’s statue located in Vevey, Switzerland. Shot very late evening at the dusk. Front red color created with flash and red gel, Yellow hair color is actually street lamp behindNikon D7000 @ f/9 and 15sec, ISO 320. Flash at 1/1 full power, with red gel, located at about 2m away.PS: And here’s the shot without the help of flash. Pretty dramatic difference, huh?

project 52 | week 38 – last moments of the summer

What an incredible weather for a weekend at the end of October with 22°C. And definitely the last moments of the summer, as following week we got 2°C and first snow. Hope my trees and light will heat you up a bit!

project 52 | week 39 – in a motion

What to do while waiting for your menu in the restaurant? Keep your shutter opened for a little bit longer and follow the wave. And you will get a beautiful motion. I love to play with opened shutter speed… 1/2 second, ISO 100, f/8 And you must admit that the motion one looks much cooler than a regular shot below. This shot was even featured in our PPSOP.cz Fototip. Enjoy!