up up and away

Hot air balloon show in the night, full of colorful and photogenic source of lights? Count me in! Once organizers confirmed weather conditions and event was okayed, I knew I’ll go there. Even got a great company (thanks Lina and Juliana!). After arrival I have quickly realized that balloons are located on the top of the hill, so all spectator would have a nice view from the valley. But that wasn’t good enough for me, as the background was black forest. So we “speed walked” up the hill and were able to catch the last moments of Blue hour and got a few shots of color splash against blue sky (and even some stars already)! Rest of the photo trip was about trying to catch the right moment for the right exposure! I was surprised, that correct exposure for the balloon with a available light and balloon illuminated from the inside by a burst of flame was several seconds, otherwise I was capturing just orange fireballs! 🙂 Show was spectacular with balloons throwing flames to the rhythm of local folk music (! try to coordinate that!), with parachutist with huge sparkles (impossible to capture, I just gave up and enjoyed the view) and of course with nice firework to enhance my background. Feast for the photographer eye! 🙂  PS: Special thanks to guys from “FlyingPictures.eu” in the nearest balloon (Travel Department) for being so nice to throw us photo flame upon requests (many of them!! 🙂 Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-70 at 38mm, 1/2 sec @ f/7, ISO 500 Nočná balónova šou plná farieb a fotogenických zdrojov svetla? Idem tam! Akonáhle organizátori potvrdili dobré počasie na akciu, tak bolo jasné, že idem. A mal som dokonca aj skvelú spoločnosť (díky Lina a Juliana!)Po príjazde som sa zorientoval a zistil, že balóny sú […]