windy (delicate dandelion)

We had so much fun with Monika last Sunday, when she came with this idea. She briefed me: “I want to take a picture of dandelion seeds in the air on the black background”. And I had to come up with a solution. Fortunately my flash came handy and with an easy set up. Using flash I was able to create a pitch black background in the middle of our living room – WITHOUT any black background itself! Key is to underexpose your picture 3 or 4 steps and then just manually set you flash power based on the given aperture.

In our case aperture was f/11 and Nikon SB-900 calculate to set flash distance about 50cm. Shutter speed to underexpose the picture was calculated at 1/160 sec @ ISO 100.
Strong direct blow to dandelion and firing the camera at the same time – and voilá! Shot is the straight output from the camera. Pretty cool, huh?
Couple of “behind the shots”, just to confirm there is no black background, really.


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