project 52 | week 9 – “two” (aka – background matters!)

Flowers are finally starting to peek out from the ground everywhere and after a mild, but still long winter I could not resist to photograph them too. Very first (and very small ones) appeared in front of my neighbor house, so I didn’t want to grab a bunch and I’ve “borrowed” just a one. To deliver on this week assignment – “two”, I’ve used our small mirror and played with it for a while to get TWO flowers to the frame.

The most funniest part of this play was to try different backgrounds behind the flower. I would say those examples are pretty self-explanatory, how a simple and plain objects (like my kids seat or winter slide) can significantly change an overall look and feel of the picture. Just place them a few inches (half a meter) behind the subject and with a proper aperture you can get still very naturally looking, but much more contrast (or tone in tone harmonized) picture… See inside the post for more examples.
PS: And with a bit of delay – those are for you, all women reading this post. Happy International Woman Day, aka MDŽ 😉

  ↑ This is the original w/o background  → and the right one is showing a simple set up with a simple orange subject.

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