eiffel, part 1

When you are visiting Paris, you can’t miss Eiffel tower. It is really visible from almost everywhere!
Obviously I have taken few nice classical “postcard shots” as well (they will come later!), but let me first start to present THE tower from some different, a bit unusual angles.
This one has been taken next to a small carousel and as I LOVE the motion in the pictures, I had to incorporate a carousel into the frame. Mind a beautiful sky – all brought by favorite dusky FLW filter, otherwise picture is almost straight out of the camera.

Nikon D800, 24-70mm at 28mm, f/22 @ 10sec, ISO 100


  1. Awesome and imaginative shot. I'm wondering, when you use the FLW filter like in this shot, what WB do you use?

    Thanks a million.


  2. Hi Ron, thanks for stopping by! This particular image was taken with "sunny" white balance (yes, sunny at the dusk! ;). It is really the best part of playing with FLW filter, that a lot of excellent images are possible to achieve by just simply changing WB and experimenting with it. You can obtain a very nice colors going even to fluorescent WB! Give it a try and let me know… Have a great day. Patrik

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