city beach

If there’s no beach nearby, why not to create one in the middle of the city? Literally. A bit of sand, beach chairs and something what should evoke beach umbrellas – and voila! Kids with sand toys are welcomed…
Oh, and BTW, did I mentioned absence of the sea?

Colorful umbrellas caught my attention immediately when I was driving around. In order to keep a nice color of the sky in sunset and “umbrellas”, I faced a situation with a pretty dark chairs, more like a silhouettes. So I’ve called for a help of additional, miniature sun. Remotely connected off-the-camera flash with amber gel, placed right behind the purple pole… Definitely more interesting, as to my taste orange colors well fits to the overall colorful image. So when you miss sun – bring your own one 😉

And while in the next picture I am definitely missing something more eye-catching (like Monika pointed – a cat sitting in the middle of the chair would be charming), I just wanted demonstrate a BIG difference between the shots WITH and WITHOUT a flash… 
As you can see, I’m in a “flash mode” now. This will keep me for a while now 😉


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