printed big!

Voila! Today, I’ve found out, that one of my picture from the last year company event “Petcare pride day” has been printed pretty big and is now at the show next to our company store… 
Next to the store. Don’t blame the blackberry quality! 🙂

Petcare pride day is a cool event, when we all dedicate one full working day for a work to community. last year we did makeover of few areas of the elementary school, located near our offices. What a pleasure to dedicated myself as a photographer and avoid hard working! 😉 Full photo album with “before and after” pictures can be found here. I have to say, thanks to my photo hobby I’m able to get to the places I wouldn’t probably get a chance to visit.(Elementary school downtown in St. Louis during a school day? Thrift store in the under privileged community center?)

This week it’s actually next year event – on Tuesday I’ll be photo reporting in the local Community Center called Kingdom house, which is supporting St. Louis downtown people in needs for the over 100 years. More pictures to come.
PS: And a little update – Kingdom House pictures are already here. Follow this link.

… and here’s the original shot.

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